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Magnetic Lighted Designs For Clothing & More...

As Seen on ABC's Shark Tank

Twinkle Cheeks Brand Blue Jeans - Patent Pending

Prototype during day & night

Kyle's idea for Twinkle Cheeks was to be the first affordable mass produced light up jeans on the market. Sure, other people have designed ways to add flashing lights to jeans, but they are custom, expensive, hand washable jeans & Twinkle Cheeks takes it to whole new level.

With “Twinkle Cheeks” there are tiny holes within each design already manufactured into the blue jean pocket. There is a separate thin device containing LED lights that you slide into a pouch located inside each back pocket. When the LED lights flash the light transmits thru the matching holes within the design of the back pocket. Every design will contain the same holes in the same spot so that the universal lighting device will work the same on all designs. The thin lighted device is easily removable to allow for machine washing and wearing them as normal jeans.

Kyle is also developing a way where each Cheek will Twinkle as you walk so that the blinking lights will be controlled by your movement & every time you take a step one Cheek will Blink.

If you would buy a pair of Twinkle Cheeks Jeans - Let Us Know by filling out our Guest Book and leave us your comments. If Twinkle Cheeks are ever available for sale, you will be the first to know!

If you are a Jean Manufacturer and would be interested in learning more about Twinkle Cheeks and possibly partnering with Kyle to make Twinkle Cheeks a reality - click on the Contact Us Button.