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Magnetic Lighted Designs For Clothing & More...

As Seen on ABC's Shark Tank

Peel-N-Stick Patches & Our Thin Magnetic Lights make it easy to:

* Wear 'em

* Collect 'em

* Change 'em

* Trade 'em

These are 2 of our New Designs (LOL & Touchdown) shown with the lights flashing.  

Because Blinkerz are so versatile and magnetic - kids can put them on their school locker, backpack, jacket, shirt, hat, pocket, belt, purse, scarf, or anywhere they want..... With Blinkerz, you have the option to place it anywhere on any clothing article or clothing accessory that you already own. 

Custom Peel-N-Stick Patches & Blinkerz are available. Minimum order of 50. For pricing and more information on custom designs - email: [email protected]

Blinkerz with Your Company or School Logo make Great Promotional or Fundraising Gifts!

Examples Uses & Design Options for Blinkerz:

  1. High School, College & Professional Sports Team Logo Blinkerz to wear to night games and when tailgating.
  2. Custom Blinkerz with Your Company Name/Logo to hand out to customers as Promotional Gifts
  3. Kids could wear Blinkerz on their clothing when riding their bikes or playing outside so cars will see them better.
  4. Kids could wear Blinkerz on their backpacks when standing at the bus stop early in the morning when it's dark or when walking to & from school.
  5. Motorcycle Riders could wear Blinkerz on the back of their jackets for so cars will see them better.
  6. Joggers can wear Blinkerz on their clothing to be more visible to cars at night.
  7. Can be used as Belt Buckles
  8. Halloween Themed Blinkerz for Trick-or-Treating
  9. Christmas Themed Blinkerz to wear to your next Christmas Party just to make the party more interesting.
  10. Mardi Gras Themed Blinkerz to wear during night parades
  11. What's YOUR Idea for Blinkerz?